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Partner with us
in developing innovative new cancer therapies.

Business development

Wellington Zhaotai Therapies brings together leading Chinese biotech Hunan Zhaotai Medical Group and New Zealand’s largest independent cancer and immune therapies institute, the Malaghan Institute of Medical Research.


In 2017, these two shareholders made the strategic decision to form Wellington Zhaotai Therapies as the commercialisation/clinical trial entity for biopharmaceuticals targeted to treat cancer. Wellington Zhaotai Therapies aims to deliver cost competitive CAR T-cell therapies to the global market. 

What we're looking for


We're seeking collaborations and/or investment to co-fund Phase I solid tumour and Phase II liquid tumour trials.

We will consider different deal structures:

  • Funding with collaborative research and development

  • Exclusive geographical marketing

  • Equity investment

  • In-licensing


As partners, Wellington Zhaotai Therapies will contribute funds, manufacturing, clinical and regulatory expertise to facilitate clinical trials.

A full set of due diligence documents is available in our data room upon signing a confidential disclosure agreement. 

For more information on partnering with us, or to access the data room, please contact our Executive Director Mike Zablocki.

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